Rita trained and worked as a colourist in textile design before taking a Degree Course in Fine Arts and English.  For fifteen years she ran her own art publishing business for the South Wales Tourist industry.


Now freed from commercial necessity, Rita draws and paints so that she can really experience the world around her.  When Rita paints from life she is exploring reality in a way that is not possible to do merely by looking or taking a quick photograph.


Painting is essentially a journey for her. Initially, she has an idea , lets it incubate in her mind - then, when she is ready to paint, makes a start with the main colours and covers all of the canvas.  The idea then becomes adjusted to the act of putting on the paint and the final outcome is always a surprise.  Rita has learnt to let the process take over and judges the moment to stop.


Rita finds it to be a great honour being able to create paintings which give other people pleasure.


Take a look at her gallery and view the passion and emotion in her work.

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